Join us for a series of FREE webinars to help you accelerate your movement of churches. It is one thing to grow a church in these unsettling times but it is another thing to grow a fellowship of churches regionally and nationally. Whether a historic denomination or a new network of churches, you will discover insights to help you plant more and better churches.

Session #1 - There is Hope for Your Denomination
by Gary Rohrmayer
October 14 at 11am CST

Many Denominational Executives are facing decades of decline. How can it be turned around? Denomination like churches have a life-cycle. For 30 years Gary Rohrmayer has been part of seeing historic organizations turned around from various vantage points. Join us as he shares some of the spiritual principles he has learned, observed and implemented to see these 169-year-old organizations experience new life.

Session #2 - Surviving the Rollercoasters of Church Planting
by Dave & Elena Reynolds
November 11 at 11am CST

Church Planting is a thrilling experience! Yet with all those ups and downs, twists and turns, and starts and stops it can take its toll on a family. Join Dave & Elena Reynolds, veteran church planters as well as national and regional church planting leaders, for personal insights on how to survive the rollercoasters of church planting.

Session #3 - Flexing Your Church Planting Systems for the New Normal
by Daniel Yang and Steve Pike
December 9 at 11am CST

COVID 19 was an unprecedented disruption for church organizations. As we begin to emerge out of the COVID crisis, it’s time to factor the new normal into our organizational church planting habits. In this session we will discover how to innovate your organization without killing it.

Session #4 - Starting a Greenhouse Movement
by Dave Reynolds
January 13 at 11am CST

A greenhouse provides a healthy, protective, nutritional environment for seeds to become plants that grow and thrive in the field. A Greenhouse Church also nurtures the seeds of leadership in young leaders and raises them up to plant in the mission field. In this gathering, we’ll explore how a church of any size, age, and context can become a Greenhouse that launches leaders by utilizing a clearly defined leadership pathway and process.

Session #5 - Creating Care Systems for Each Church Planting Family
By: Ken Nabi, Larry Barker, Host: Steve Pike
February 10 at 11am CST

Church Planters often go hard when planting a church and leave little margin for rest and reflection. Every planter must develop rhythms of sustainability and patterns of refreshment. In this session, we will discuss how to create these rhythms and patterns while remembering that one role of a pastor is to model the Christ-centered life. We will review how to handle a routine day off, setting healthy boundaries with technology, and how to pay attention to your soul during the pressures of planting a church.

Session #6 - Where do Church Planters Come From?
By: Steve Pike, Danny Parmalee, Host: Gary Rohrmayer
March 17 at 11am CST

 A Blue Ocean Strategy for Recruiting. Finding church planters is perhaps the greatest need of most church planting organizations. In this webinar, we will explore the current best practices for discovering the church planters among and around us.

Session #7: Navigating the Organizational Labyrinth
By: Steve Pike, David Reynolds Host: Ken Nabi
April 7 at 11am CST

(Best Practices for Leading Up). Most church planting leaders do not occupy the highest positional leadership in their organization. But the lack of positional clout does not need to stop you from being a catalyst for leading needed organizational change. This webinar is designed to help you make the most of your place in the organizational pecking order.

Session #8: How to Have All the Money You Need for Planting Churches
By: Gary Rohrmayer, Steve Pike, Host: Brian Ehlers
May 5 at 11am CST

J. Hudson Taylor once said, “God’s work never lacks God’s supply.” Leading a movement of new churches takes a continual investment of financial resources. We will focus on how to build organizational habits that equip church planters to be fully-funded and your movement to become self-funding. This is critical for the long term impact of your church planting success.

Session #9 - Maximizing Your Organizational Ecosystem
By: Steve Pike, Daniel Yang, Host: Larry Barker
June 9 11am CST

Defining the lanes for the different leadership spheres of your organization can be a challenge. Intra-organizational competition, reinventing the wheel and defending siloes are some of the challenges that face complex national church planting organizations. This webinar is all about helping you optimize the value of your organizational ecosystem.